Stephens brings high school indoor meet back to Clemson

scrunners: What made you decide to do this meet for the second consecutive year?
stephens: Last year was a success and all along we wanted to continue/ grow the event in to something special.  We wanted to provide an opportunity for kids in the southeast to compete indoors.  As you know we are a little limited on access to indoor facilities in the southeast.  

scrunners: Have you changed anything from the past?
stephens: We did drop a few of the events and tightened up the schedule.  We are also looking at providing a 16-pound shot competition and a 35-pound weight competition for the young men. 

scrunners: How many do you hope to have compete?
stephens: We are shooting for 800.  We had around 500 last year and we hope to grow that number. 

scrunners: What other goals do you have for the meet, this year and future?
stephens: Providing an opportunity is our primary goal.  We just want to provide a quality event and at least break even on the facility rental. I would like to see it turn into a series of indoor events… not just one.  We would just need to be able to generate enough revenue to make it work.  We are looking at some potential sponsors and working on some things for 2013.  

scrunners: Who else is involved with organizing the meet?
stephens: I have a group of friends that always step up and help me when I do something crazy like this… Valerie Beesley (former USATF S.C. youth chair) always steps up and helps me with organization and finding officials.   There are too many others to mention.  Clemson University is also great in helping us get things together.  

scrunners: Do you have other important details people need to know about the meet?
stephens: All registration is done online and everyone who enters the building who is not a competitor must pay a $5 admission fee.  All updates and information can be found at  

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