Meet information

Cross Country Qualifier
Sandhills Research Center – November 1, 2014

4A Mid - State Qualifier (G-9am, B-9:30am)
3A Mid - State Qualifier (G-10am, B-10:30am)
2A Lower State Qualifier (G-11am, B-11:30am)

Register by midnight 10/28 at:

4A Schools:
The following schools will participate in the 4A Mid-State Qualifier – Ft. Mill, Nation Ford, Northwestern, Rock Hill from Region 3, all of Region 4 and Region 5, and S. Florence, W. Florence, and Sumter from Region 6.

3A Schools:
All schools in 3A Regions 4 and 5 must attend this meet

2A Schools:
You will be assigned soon by the SCHSL to the site to attend.

Numbers should be worn on the front. Do not pin the tear off tab at the bottom of the number to the jersey.

ALL uniforms must be identical. T-shirts, jerseys or tights worn under the uniforms must also be identical if more than one team member wears one. All under garments must be a solid color. Violations will result in disqualification.

Watches are permitted. No other jewelry may be worn. Violations will result in disqualification.

Team Tents:
Team tents may be set up behind the brick building. No team tents will be allowed along the grassy area by the start and finish lines or near the buses. Please keep all team areas and athletes away from the brick admin building. Trash bags will be provided with your team packet. Please help clean up your team area before you leave. Stay away from all buildings please.

This is a qualifying meet only. No awards will be given out.

How to qualify for State Meet:
4A Mid-State – The top 7 teams and any individual in the top 20 whose team does not qualify
3A Mid-State – The top 5 teams and any individual in the top 15 whose team does not qualify
2A Lower State– The top 12 teams and any individual in the top 45 whose team does not qualify
Teams and individuals who qualify will be announced at the end of the last race for that classification.

Please follow the parking attendants and park only where instructed. The large field will be available for this meet. Parking for all cars will be $5.00.

Octoberfest: Sandhills will be hosting a festival near the course on November 2. Please talk to your athletes and have them stay on the course for warm-ups and anything else. Please keep them away from the festival especially the corn maze.