Father Kelly Classic sponsored by Dockery's 2018

Charleston, SC

Meet Information

Registration help:


Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.

1. Remind your athletes that we will follow all high school league rules and guidelines.

2. Please advice your team that RESTROOMS may be found at the football stadium and at the gymnasium in the school. PLEASE REMIND YOUR ATHLETES THAT THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HANG OUT IN THE SCHOOL.

3. CONCESSIONS are located at the football stadium. We will also have a Kickin Chicken truck at the meet.

4. All clerking will be down at the clerking tent near the 100m start line. Please make sure that your athletes clerk-in when their event is first called. If an athlete misses clerking in, they will be scratched from the event. All field events will clerk-in at their locations.

5. Only athletes that are participating in events at the time will be allowed on the infield. All other athletes and fans must remain outside of the fence.

6. All warmup must be done outside of the track.

7. Results will be posted at scrunners.com.

8. Coaches' lunch provided by Dockery's

Thanks to everyone for helping to make the Father Kelly Classic a successful track meet.

Good luck!

Tony Colizzi

Meet Director