Meet Information

Hello, One day we may have our own Richland County Championships, until then, lets have a scrimmage and make it semi-official. This will be an on campus event so not much trail. Just a way to test the legs. Scoring will be by place only, no official timing, just racing. There will be four events, Boys JV greater than 20 minutes, Boys Varsity Less than 20 minutes, Girls JV greater than 24 minutes, Girls Varsity less than 24 minutes. You can email me at or call or text for questions for more information at 803 360 7747. We will have some fun prizes for the winners. No day of participants, please register online and then email me with the number of runners you will be bringing. No entry fee.

If participting, please bring something from your team to donate to the prize pool for awards. It is always fun to have a t-shirt/hat etc. from another school, even old t-shirts left over from past events. It's the beginning of a another cross country season, lets have fun.

Boys Varsityish - Under 20 minutes begin at 8:00 AM

Girls Varsityish - Under 24 minutes begin at 8:30 AM

Boys Junior Varsityish - Over 20 minutes begin at 9:00 AM

Girls Junior Varsityish - Over 24 minutes begin at 9:30ish AM