Skyhawk Invitational 2020

Columbia, SC
Timing/Results Strictly Running

Meet Information


Course map (updated):

*This year's meet will be timed by Strictly Running*


7:30AM: Girls Warmup

8:00AM: All girls race (must be off course by 8:30)

8:30AM: Boys Warmup

9:00AM: All Boys race

There will be no MS race this year!

A course map will be provided in each team's packet. Additional copies will be available at the scoring tent.


1.We have decided to limit the field to only teams from SC. This was not an easy decision to make, but it was a necessary concession to move forward with the meet. We hope our frequent guests from GA will understand this decision. I will take care of deleting those teams and entries from SCRunners, so there is no further action needed from those teams.
2. We are also limiting the field to 7 runners per team, per gender. This will help manage the numbers at the start and allow us to keep chutes socially distant.
No spectators will b
e allowed at the event. Coaches and athletes only, please.
3. We will have multiple chutes at the start (likely 6), and they will be organized by runner seed time, regardless of team. Runners will start every :10 after the initial start.
4. Runners are required to wear to wear a mask or Gaiter at all times unless competing, especially in the starting chutes. There will be trash cans for each chute by the start, and runners will be able to throw away masks if they choose, provided they have another to put on at the finish. A Gaiter may simply be dropped to around the neck during competition and worn again after the race.
5. We will need seed times for your runners --SENT TO ME VIA EMAIL-- by the Monday of race week. Please use your best estimation of a runners current fitness, not a PR or PB from a previous season. This gives the timing company enough time to organize the chutes and create bibs for the runners.
6. We will have designated areas for team tents and for team warm-ups. We ask that athletes stay in the tents at all times unless they are competing or warming up. We will send a map marked with those locations the week of the meet.
7.All runners need to bring an individual water bottle. We will not provide water at the finish, other than to help with over-heating or injuries.


$70 for both genders

$35 for one gender

Checks should be made out to Hammond School and mailed to:

Athletics Dept, Hammond School, 854 Galway Lane, Columbia SC 29209



The course is at Hammond School Lower Campus, 1211 Veterans Road Columbia, SC 29209