Warrior XC Invitational

North Charleston, SC
Hosted by Stall
Timing/Results Strictly Running

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Registration for this meet is by invite only. For further inquiries please contact Andres Casson at andres_casson@charleston.k12.sc.us

5th Annual Warrior


Wannamaker Park

Wednesday, September 23rd,


Timed by: Strictly Running

Meet Information
Coaches Meeting at 4:45 pm
Boys race at 5:15 pm
Girls race at 5:50 pm


The Wannamaker course was USATF certified in 2017. There has

been some new construction in the park but it has not affected the course. The

start and finish line are off-limits to non-competing athletes and coaches. There

is a mix of trail and asphalt which makes the course uncomfortable for metal

spikes. Racing flats or XC racers minus metal spikes are recommended. Please

help us keep the area clear by notifying your athletes and coaches. Course maps

will be provided at packet pick up or by request.


Per usual, there will be ample bus parking throughout the

park. Please keep an adequate distance between schools. There are no fees

associated with Bus entry or Bus parking.


The primary bathroom for athletes is adjacent to the Tupelo

Shelter. The other bathroom is at the park center.

Team Shelter/Tents:

Due to pandemic restrictions and CCPR schools, expectation teams

must maintain social distance from other schools. No school should have more

than 14 athletes. No team tents will be allowed near the start or finish.

Please make sure to clean your area prior to your departure.


There will be an award for 1st place athlete for

each gender.

Participation and Entries:

7 athletes per gender max (Single-gender schools, like Ashley

Hall can have 14 girls). Varsity athletes preferred. Do not enter athletes who

are slower than 30min for boys and slower than 35 minutes for girls.

Entries will be done through SCRunners. You will need to log in as your team's

administrator and enter the meet. Please make sure your rosters are up to date

and accurate. We will be using bib timing. Coaches must collect bibs from their

athletes and return them. Failure to return bibs will result in additional fees

for the respective school. The password will be sent individually via e-mail.


Expectations and General Rules:

Coaches must provide masks for athletes

2 mask per athlete. One prior to the race and one after

No handshakes, "daps" or hugging (especially other


No spectators, no parent volunteers

No congregation after the meet

No loitering around the finish line or in common areas

No sharing water, community water. Athletes must have their

own water bottles

Athletes are prohibited from playing music on portable

speakers on the course. Athletes must use headphones if listening to music

while warming up. If listening to music in their team area, athletes must keep

the volume down so that the public and other teams are not disturbed by their



Entry Fees:

$30 per gender

$60 per school

Make checks payable


Stall High School, Memo: Track and Field

Mail entry fees to:

Stall High School

3625 Ashley Phosphate Road, North Charleston SC 29418

Attention: Andrs Casson