Region 6-5A 2021

Sumter, SC
Hosted by Sumter

Meet Information

Meet Date:May 1, 2021Rain Date May 3, 2021

Start Time:Coaches Meeting at 10:30 amMeet:11:00 am

All Entry

will be done for

entries will be April 29, 2021 by 8:00pm.


  1. A

    student must have participated in at least two regular season track meets

    prior to entering region qualifiers. Exceptions can only be made by the

    SCHSL Executive Committee.
  2. Schools

    must register their contestants (using both first and last names and

    grade). No more than four contestants from any school may be entered in

    any event in the region meet. A school may enter one team in each relay.
  3. Rule

    5-10-2. Being listed as one of the six members of a relay team does not

    count as an event unless the competitor actually participates. Remind them

    that an athlete may not participate in more than
    four events. He or she may be listed

    two individual events and as a member

    three relay teams. However, once this athlete participates in two of these relays, he/she is not

    eligible for the other relay.It is

    highly recommended that six names be listed for each relay team. (Four

    participants and two alternates).****See participation and entry limitations below
  4. The

    rules for the pole vault must be enforced. Specifically, the vaulter's

    weight shall be at or below the manufacturer's pole rating. The

    manufacturer's pole rating shall be visible with a minimum of inch in a

    contrasting color located within or above the top handhold position; a

    one-inch circular band indicating the maximum top handhold position with the

    position being determined by the manufacturer. Prior to the competition,

    the coach of a vaulter must verify that the athlete is utilizing the

    appropriate pole and must be able to certify the vaulter's actual weight

    to the event judge. The weight of each vaulter must be supplied to the

    event judge and entered on the event sheet
  5. All

    throwing implements will be chosen/designated by the meet director and/or

    event judge for competition.

Participation and

Entry Limitations

Article 2: A contestant shall not be entered in more

than four events, excluding relays.If a

contestant is entered in more than the allowable number of events, meet

management shall scratch the contestant from the excess event(s) by following

the listed order of events.

Contestant may officially enter:

Four individual events

No relays allowed.

Three individual events

May be listed on any number of relays but compete in only one relay.

Two individual events

May be listed on any number of relays but compete in only two relays.

One individual event

May be listed on any number of relays but participate in only three



competitor who participates in more events than allowed by rule shall forfeit

all individual places and points and shall be disqualified from further competition

in that meet. In a relay event, the team's relay points, and place(s) shall

also be forfeited.