Meet Information

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Meet Information

Gamecock Indoor Challenge #1 January 7, 2023

Gamecock Indoor Challenge #2 January 15, 2023

Gamecock Indoor Finale February 18, 2023

Sanction: USA Track & Field

Location: University of South Carolina Indoor Facility Columbia SC

Host: Speed Elite

Rules: USA Track & Field Youth Athletics Rules

Meet Director (General Questions):

Karim Abdel Wahab

Phone (970) 213-9497


Timer (Entry System Questions):

Marchan Adkins



This meet is open to any athlete that falls within the age divisions listed below. Each athlete aged 13 and older may enter in up to a maximum of 4 events including relays. Athletes aged 12 and younger based on year of birth below, may only enter in 3 events including relays. Athletes aged 19 & older arent restricted to If an athlete is entered into too many events, meet management reserves the right to reject the athlete from one or more events without notification.

Age Divisions:

Age divisions are determined by year of birth. Listed below are the Age Divisions.

Age Division Limitations

8 & Under Girls/Boys (Born 2015 and later) Maximum 3 Events including relays

9-10 Year Old Girls/Boys (Born 2013-14) Maximum 3 Events including relays

11-12 Year Old Girls/Boys (Born 2011-12) Maximum 3 Events including relays

13-14 Year Old Girls/Boys (Born 2009-10) Maximum 4 Events including relays

15-16 Year Old Girls/Boys (Born 2007-08) Maximum 4 Events including relays

17-18 Women/Men (Born 2004*-06) Maximum 4 Events including relays

Relay Move-ups:

Athletes aged 15-18 will contest relays as one collective group called High School. This still enables those athletes to compete in individual events in the 15-16 and 17-18 age groups. All other participants will have to run in accordance with their normal 2 year age groupings.

*Athletes who are born in 2004 and will not turn 19 years of age during the meet are eligible to compete in the 17-18 Anyone who is 19 or older must compete in the Open division.


Entry fee is $40.00 for each athlete for Youth track and field events. There is an additional charge of $60.00 per relay team. No entry fee will be transferred or refunded. Entry will not be processed unless entry fee is paid by deadline. Bring a legible copy of a birth certificate or proof of age for each athlete entered; Do not send in advance. All entry fees must be paid online.

Entry Process:

All teams and athletes must utilize the online entry process at

Everyone will have until 11 pm Wednesday prior to the competition to complete registration. Immediately after registering online, you will receive a receipt from the website, which will produce a list of all athletes registered for the meet. This receipt should be used as your transcript of your meet entries. If your athletes do not appear on the confirmation, they are not registered for the meet. Note: USATF membership is not required to compete.

Packet Pickup:

A packet will be provided for each team consisting of team roster and events entered. A team representative will be responsible for picking up the packets. The location and times for packet pick-up will be provide to all registered entrants in the final info which will be emailed to them.

Team Scoring For Series and Awards:

The top 8 finishers in each individual event will be scored 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

The top 8 finishers in each Relay event will be scored 20-16-12-10-8-6-4-2.

The top 3 teams for each gender across all age groups will be awarded trophies for overall points.

These awards will combine totals accumulated from all events and age groups for each team inclusive of relays and individual events. Individual awards will be awarded for each age group and gender per meet.


Mondo Surface, banked 200m oval: 6 lane oval and 8 lanes on the sprints straight away; 2 horizontal jump runways, and 2 pole vault runways, throws cage for weight and shot, and high jump apron.

Spike Length:

Spikes may not be longer than no longer than 1/4, this includes the HJ. Only pyramid spikes will be allowed. Permanent spikes not allowed. Omni-light spikes are not allowed. Needles are not allowed. Athletes who compete in noncompliant spikes will be disqualified.


Concessions will be available.

Equipment: Starting blocks will be provided. No other blocks will be allowed in the building. Throwers must provide their own indoor shot put of the approved weight at their age. None will be provided. Outdoor implements may not be used.

Admission: A charge of $10.00 will be accessed for all adult spectators. Children 5-11 are $5.00 Teams will be given coaches passes if they meet the criteria for a coaches pass for every 10 competitors participating in the meet, up to a maximum of 5. Tickets may be purchased online through


Limits for passes are as follows. Coachs wristbands will be in the packet per the following formula. Note these wristbands do not allow access to the warm-up area or the infield (except for the coaches meeting)

9 athletes or below = Coaching passes are $10.00

10 19 = 1 Coaching pass

20 29 = 2 Coaching passes30-39 = 3 Coaching passes

Additional passes for every 10

Event Schedule

(This schedule is tentative and will be adjusted based on actual entries)

* All events are youngest to oldest except the hurdle PRELIMS are oldest to youngest

* All events are girls first (except for hurdle prelims and when genders are combined)

* All multiple section finals are fastest to slowest

* In the shot, long jump, and triple jump all age divisions will be conducted as a 4 attempt straight final