SCISA Track and Field Championships - Division I 2024

Charleston, SC

Meet Information

SCISA Division I (Class AAAA) Track Championships

Porter Gaud School, May 4, 2024

Meet Program - Track Events

Meet Program - Field Events

9:00 AM: Weigh-in of throwing implements begins

9:00-9:15 AM: Coaches may scratch athletes, no adds

9:15 AM: Coaches meeting under the Pavilion 

9:30 AM: Field Events begin

    Javelin (Girls then Boys) Infield is clear until Javelin completes

    Pole Vault (Boys)

    High Jump (Girls then boys)

    After Javelin, throws commence with: 

        Discus (Girls)

        Shot Put (Boys)

10:15 AM: 3200 Meter Run (Girls then Boys)

10:30 AM:  Long Jump (Girls then Boys)

10:45 AM: 4x800 meter relay (Girls then Boys)

11:00 AM (+/-): Second Round of Field Events

    Pole Vault (Girls)

    Discus (Boys)

    Shot Put (Girls)

11:30 AM: Triple Jump (Girls then Boys)

12:30 PM: 

    100/110 hurdles

    100 meter dash (Girls then Boys)

    1600 meter run (Girls then Boys)

    4X100 meter relays (Girls then Boys)

    400 meter dash (Girls then Boys)

    400 hurdles (Girls then Boys)

    800 meter run (Girls then Boys)

    200 meter dash (Girls then Boys)

    4X400 meter relay (Girls then Boys)