Lower Richland High School

Address: 2615 Lower Richland Blvd., Hopkins, SC 29061

[b]Directions[/b] - courtesy of SCTCCCA 1. From I-26 or I-20 exit on to I-77. 2. Use exit ramp #9, Garners Ferry Road. (Towards Sumter) 3. Go to the eighth light, which is Lower Richland Blvd. 4. Turn left at that traffic light, you will see LR on the left and an Exxon station on the right. 5. Come down pass the school to the stadium. 6. You may drop all athletes off at the stadium and park the buses in the student parking lot on Rabbit Run Street near the school. 7. Spectators will park at the school behind the gym on Lower Richland Blvd. (for free) 8. Stadium parking will be reserved for SCHSL, meet officials, press, and paid parking.

Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2019-03-27 Lower Richland home meet 2
2019-03-26 b
2019-03-13 Lower Richland home meet
2019-03-02 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2018-01-13 LR HOME MEET
2016-05-07 Class AAA qualifier
2016-04-27 Region 4-3A
2016-03-05 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2015-05-09 Class AAA qualifier
2015-04-29 Region 4-3A
2015-03-07 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2014-05-31 AAU South Carolina District Qualifier
2014-05-17 Battle of the Borders
2014-05-10 Class AAA qualifier
2014-03-08 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2013-06-27 AAU Area 8-B National Qualifier
2013-06-01 AAU District
2013-05-10 SCHSL State Championships
2013-05-04 Class AAA qualifier
2013-03-23 SCTCCCA Coaches Classic
2013-03-09 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2012-03-13 Lower Richland High School
2012-03-10 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2012-03-10 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2011-05-07 Class AAA Qualifier
2011-03-12 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2010-05-14 SCHSL State Championships
2010-05-08 Class AAA qualifier
2010-04-28 Region 4-3A
2010-04-14 Lower Richland meet
2010-03-13 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2009-05-15 South Carolina State Championships
2009-05-09 Class AAA Qualifier
2009-04-29 Region 4-3A
2009-03-21 Diamond Hornet Invitational
2008-05-03 Class AAA Qualifier
2008-03-22 Coaches Classic
2008-03-08 Diamond Hornets Invitational
2007-04-28 3A Qualifier
2007-04-19 Region 3-3A
2007-03-15 Chester vs. Dreher, Blythewood, Eau Claire
2007-03-15 Dreher, Blythewood, Eau Claire, Chester
2007-03-10 Diamond Hornet Invitational
2006-06-03 AAU State Meet
2006-04-29 3A State Qualifier
2006-04-20 Region 5-4A
2006-03-11 Diamond Hornet Invitational
2005-04-30 3A State Qualifier
2005-04-22 Region 5-3A
2005-04-19 Region 4-3A

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