SCISA series: Dorman girls coach talks about Buffo\'s leadership

scrunners: What kind of impact has Stephanie made on the Dorman girls track and field team this season?
barr: Stephanie has smoothly stepped into the role of team leader this year. She is one of eight varsity athletes who are serving in this capacity. Stephanie has a sincere concern about her teammates and their progress each season. She takes it upon herself to advise the younger distance runners who look up to her. She has proven time and again that the growth and development of the entire team is important to her, as it is to me.

scrunners: What do you see Stephanie achieving in the future in life?
barr: I see Stephanie evolving into more of the kind-hearted and responsible young lady that she already is. To be such a great talent, Stephanie is a very well-adjusted teenager. She is very sharp and has a knack for details, just like her mother. I think this makes her a better runner, and I trust that it will be a strength to her in her future life. I foresee her continuing to strive to reach her fullest potential in every area of her life.
scrunners: Does Stephanie come to you for guidance in the sport? Explain.
barr: Stephanie comes to me for mental guidance more than physical guidance. She looks to her event coach for athletic training, and she looks to me when she is concerned about anything personal or team-related. We often discuss her personal goals and how they align with the team\'s goals, and we also discuss the best ways to handle challenging situations.

scrunners: Over the years of watching Stephanie develop in the life and sport, what is the most you remember about her and will remember, upon her graduation in 2007?
barr: I still remember the first day I met Stephanie at a cross country meet at Spartanburg High School. She was ending her sixth grade year, and she was very excited about running for Dorman. That day, she personally introduced herself to me. I was quite impressed even then. I love her spunk, and I admire her determination. I appreciate her hard work, and I depend on her to \"do track right,\" as I often say. But Stephanie is not just a great athlete - she is the complete package of a great person, and I\'m a better coach after having coached her.