Guide to 2024 SCHSL Track and Field Region Championships

Follow along for updates related to the 2024 SCHSL region track and field meets.

May 16-18 - Watch the SCHSL State Track and Field Championships live on MileSplit South Carolina

S.C. track and field notes

5/1 - 5/2SCHSL 5A - Region 7Summerville, SC
5/1 - 5/2SCHSL 5A - Region 6Summerville, SC
5/2SCHSL 5A - Region 5Myrtle Beach, SC
5/1SCHSL 5A - Region 4Chapin, SC
5/1SCHSL 5A - Region 3Columbia, SC
5/1SCHSL 5A - Region 2Spartanburg, SC
5/1 - 5/2SCHSL 5A - Region 1Anderson, SC

5/4SCHSL 4A - Region 7James Island, SC
4/30SCHSL 4A - Region 6Florence, SC
5/1SCHSL 4A - Region 5Columbia, SC
5/3SCHSL 4A - Region 4South Aiken, SC
5/2SCHSL 4A - Region 3Rock Hill, SC
5/4SCHSL 4A - Region 2Taylors, SC
5/2 - 5/3SCHSL 4A - Region 1Anderson, SC

5/4SCHSL 3A - Region 8Charleston, SC
5/1SCHSL 3A - Region 7Waccamaw, SC
5/1SCHSL 3A - Region 6Camden, SC
4/30SCHSL 3A - Region 5Gilbert, SC
4/27SCHSL 3A - Region 4Emerald, SC
5/1 - 5/2SCHSL 3A - Region 3Spartanburg, SC
4/29 - 4/30SCHSL 3A - Region 2Wren, SC
5/1 - 5/2SCHSL 3A - Region 1Walhalla, SC

4/29SCHSL 2A - Region 8Andrews, SC
5/2SCHSL 2A - Region 7Marion, SC
5/1SCHSL 2A - Region 6Dorchester, SC
4/27SCHSL 2A - Region 5Lancaster, SC
5/1SCHSL 2A - Region 4Keenan, SC
5/1SCHSL 2A - Region 3Batesburg-Leesville, SC
5/1SCHSL 2A - Region 2Prosperity, SC
5/1 - 5/2SCHSL 2A - Region 1Liberty, SC

5/2SCHSL 1A - Region 8Johns Island, SC
5/1SCHSL 1A - Region 7Seabrook, SC
5/1SCHSL 1A - Region 6Lamar, SC
5/2SCHSL 1A - Region 5Carvers Bay, SC
5/1SCHSL 1A - Region 4St. Matthews, SC
4/30SCHSL 1A - Region 3Hopkins, SC
5/1SCHSL 1A - Region 3Columbia, SC
5/1SCHSL 1A - Region 2McCormick, SC
5/4SCHSL 1A - Region 1Simpsonville, SC