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I have a lengthy history as a runner (partially because I have been around so long). I was always a football, basketball, and baseball player until I happened to walk by a middle school track meet on the way back from baseball practice in the 8th grade. I was hooked. The next year I was running and jumping. I had a good high school career in XC and track, but I drifted away from the sport for a decade.
I looked at myself in the mirror at 30 years old and knew that not running had taken its toll. I slowly built myself back up and continued to run for the next 20 plus years. My oldest son was late getting into track. He came out his junior year and found out he was one of the top triple jumpers in the state. This got me reacquainted with the sport. The next year I became the distance coach at East Forsyth. I later started coaching jumps. I coached AAU/USATF track in the summer and XC in the fall.
After the 2009 season I decided to dedicate all of my efforts to photography.

For photo inquiries e mail
I have a photo site that will be favoring The NCHSAA running events.
If you don't see your photos on the site I will upload them by request.

Discussion Posts

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2 years ago Camel City Elite Invite 2017
It's in now. Thanks. I loaded an empty folder for the Mens 400.
2 years ago Camel City Elite Invite 2017
yes I finished Sat. last night and will be finishing Fridays today
2 years ago Forsyth Co Meet #3 and Mighty Explorers Meet photos coming
Thanks Runningram
2 years ago Forsyth Co Meet #3 and Mighty Explorers Meet photos coming
Sorry it will be tomorrow before I post most of the photos from those two meets. I am doing thre...
3 years ago Need a New Venue for Foot Locker South
@PanthersXC06 That's not true. I was there. I was right in front of the concrete sewer cover. ...
3 years ago polar bear 4x200
I think it is a 3 turn stagger. That is there are break in cones for the second runner to move in...
3 years ago Who was YOUR Female Athlete of the Year?
Tamara Clark has been stellar in 2015 I can't wait to see her in 2016!
3 years ago NCTCCCA Meet of Champions 2015
They are most likely not contesting it. Bishop doesn't have a pit. A couple of years ago they bor...
4 years ago Article Comment: A (Sort Of) All-Time Boys Top 10 from the Indoor State Meets
Christopher Garrick's 6'11" high jump
4 years ago Article Comment: Sprinters, Rejoice! The NCHSAA Has Added the 4x200 to the Indoor Schedule
I'm still seeing a lot of confusion over when to go to lane one. It's a 3 turn stagger with the b...
4 years ago Indoor or Polar Bear Meets on Saturdays?
The Eastern High School Challenge is a good meet that is closer to Eastern NC. For info go to h...
4 years ago 2015 XC State Meet
I was under the impression the state meet is on a 3 yr contract that was just renewed last year. ...
4 years ago Article Comment: Alumni Report: NCAA DI Championship Edition
NCAA D1 Championship 13 White, Sydney Wake Forest University 13-03.50
4 years ago Champions Tune Up Time Schedule
yes all times are PM
5 years ago Scott Brent Invitational (Forsyth County Meet) 2014
[quote=Juba2jive]I have not laughed this hard in awhile. Coach Sides out did himself on the pict...
5 years ago NCRunners Elite Holiday Invitational 2013
Yes I do have the 1000M photos. I will probably post them tonight. I normally take 6 or 7 thousan...
5 years ago INDOOR MEETS????
5 years ago Norman Trzaskoma Invitational (Forsyth County Championships) 2013
@CoachGeorgeRJR Thanks Jeff
5 years ago Norman Trzaskoma Invitational (Forsyth County Championships) 2013
I've heard this is Beeson this year not WF. Is that true? What is the start time?
6 years ago Middle School Track
I'm guessing it's because these are private schools.
6 years ago NCHSAA State Championships 2012
I am working on photos of the remaining 7 races and plan to finish all today.
6 years ago Coach Robert Steele -NCHSAA Hall of Fame
[quote=dldjad]One of our best will be inducted into the next NCHSAA HOF class. I can't think of ...
6 years ago NCTCCCA Meet of Champions 2012
The results are complete. There were many no shows. Some events were not contested because of no ...
6 years ago Forsyth County Middle School Championships 2012
That was one reason I photographed the meet yesterday. It's been a few years since I have been to...
7 years ago 2 Club Runners Win at Runners Only XC Meet
@KYinNC Alana Hadley's 5k pr is 17:06
7 years ago Indoor facility in W-S
7 years ago Year In Review
Hannah Hensley out in the spring due to injury would have changed the long jump and high jump sta...
7 years ago Article Comment: Live Updates: 4A State Meet!
@swheaton No I think the first flight was finished. The second flight and finals were held on a w...
7 years ago Mark Blackmon
He's an all round talented athlete. He was a big part of West Charlotte's state championship bask...
8 years ago Isaac Presson- fastest collegiate 1500
Yes I saw that. He's doing quite well. Here's a performance list for The ACC: http://www.tfrrs...
8 years ago At meets halted due to inclement weather do completed events count?
I think the state record still has to be set at the state meet.
8 years ago Article Comment: Sarah Rapp Interview
Nice interview. I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah a few years ago. She's a talented athlete, gr...
8 years ago Winter Super Meet
@blueskydwg I think it was a fair start. I'm just going by what I see every time I'm at the fini...
8 years ago Winter Super Meet
The sound of the gun is delayed therefore she is moving to the sound that the camera picked up 10...
8 years ago 1A/2A/3A NCHSAA State Indoor Championships 2011
Those were her 9th 10th and 11th state titles!
8 years ago Former NC prep runners in college
Dylan Ferris led the Stanford "A Team" with the leadoff leg of the DMR to a 9:46.8 win at Washin...
8 years ago Article Comment: NCHSAA: NO GPS Watches at Regional or State Meet
This falls in to the same category as cameras and electronic devices that can give an athlete an ...
9 years ago Unattached Athletes at High School Meets?
Yes "Where are the rules written for this?" I have always heard rumors about The NCAA proposing r...
9 years ago Article Comment: Tanner Anderson new NC All-Time Record!
Yes I gave a 3 shot sequence to Ben of the record jump. Thanks to him I got the shots. I was at p...
9 years ago Article Comment: Tanner Anderson new NC All-Time Record!
It will always be one of those unforgettable moments for anyone who saw it. He didn't get distra...
9 years ago Article Comment: NCHSAA State Indoor Meet: Recaps, Winners, Results, Photos, etc.
I will be adding to the 1-3A and the 4A indoor meet photos as the week goes on. I only had time t...
9 years ago Winter Track has been a wash for many
I know there were a lot of athletes that were close to qualifying that were counting on the VT me...
9 years ago 4 runners only meet
Check the results page now. I'm working on photos also.
9 years ago Anyone know anything about Beeson Park (Kernersville)
Coach Sides reporting back on my trip to The Beeson Park XC Course today. Here's a link to the ph...
9 years ago Anyone know anything about Beeson Park (Kernersville)
From what I've heard there are some hills and some flat open areas. Beeson was originally designe...
9 years ago Bryce Love- Fastest 400 Ever for Midget?
Yes it was just after a down pour the track was soaked. This kid is breaking records in the preli...
9 years ago New National Record for NC runner
As far as I can tell those finals were wind aided. They said that at the completion, but when he ...
9 years ago State 4x4
Someone clocking Tadarrin in the stands was saying 46.5 who knows how accurate that was, but TD h...