Summer Training: The Citadel\'s Megan Marie Jenkins

Megan Jenkins is a rising sophomore at The Citadel. Jenkins is from Cheyenne, Wyo. and is training around the James Island area this summer.

Weekly Total Mileage: 33 miles
July Total Mileage: 123 miles
Summer Total Mileage: 376.5 miles

July 17 - Break
I couldn\'t run at all today because I had to leave my house at 5:30 a.m. to go to Denver International Airport to make my flight and then I got into Charleston at 10:30 at night because of all kinds of crazy problems that happened with my flight out of Philadelphia.

July 18 - 8 miles run
I got back into Charleston late so I waited until the afternoon. The humidity is pretty intense but it\'s nice being able to breath.

July 19 - 5 mile run
Went on a run with my teammate, Sarah Strickland (Belton-Honea Path Class of 2005), when we got a chance to go after we reported back to school and got settled in. It\'s really hard to get in a run because we\'re back at school and preparing for the knobs to come in.

July 20 - Break
I wasn\'t able to go run today because there was no time because of the training for the knobs.

July 21 - 6 mile run
As one of the representatives for The Citadel\'s Student Athlete Advisory Committee to the Southern Conference I went up to Black Mountain, N.C. for a leadership seminar and I was roomed with Nettie Halcomb of UT-Chattanooga (She\'s ridiculously fast to say the least.) so I went on a run with her in the evening...and needless to say it felt like I was sprinting the whole time :P

July 22 - 6 mile run
The 2nd day of the leadership seminar, I went for a run in the morning with Nettie again and a few others. It was drizzling and felt really nice but the hills were brutal.

July 23 - 8 miles
Last run for this week before the knobs get here. I got back into Charleston and got right back into the Cadre training...we\'ve got quite a few runners coming in for \"Hell Week\" tomorrow. I know of five guys and four girls. I think most of the guys are from South Carolina, but only Heather Harris (Pinewood Prep Class of 2006) is from South Carolina on the girls\' side. Well, I\'m excited to say the least, but I am a little nervous--it\'s going to be a little weird being mean to my own teammates for a week!