Running camp journal: Dorman runners attend ASU camp

By Madyson Coggins and Ashley Hrubala, Dorman XC

Photographs provided

Dorman High School has gone to Appalachian State University for cross country camp for as long as we can remember. This is our sixth year going. It’s a four day camp full of running and fun activities. Boone has many great places to train which allows us to experience a different scenery. 

Coach Weaver, head cross country coach at ASU, organizes various competitions and activities to bring the team closer together.

Upon arriving to Boone we got to experience our first run up the mountain starting from Bass Lake.  The climb up the mountain is worth it once you reach the fire tower at the top and take in the beautiful scenery.  

After conquering “fire tower” we got our game faces on for the ultimate frisbee tournament.  We won our way to the final game of the tournament and used teamwork and communication to defeat the other team.  

The next day, after recovering from our hard fought ultimate win, we did a long out and back run on Watauga Road.  The ice cold river that runs alongside Watauga Road is a great place for us to soak our sore legs in and recover after the long run.  That same day we heard High Point University coach, Jenna Wrieden, speak about qualities that can make you a successful runner.  Coach Wrieden talked about the importance of confidence and how believing in ones self can take you far in your running career.  

Following the lecture we went to team bonding where ASU students directed our team through activities to bring our team closer.  Later that night, we treated ourselves to some ice cream at a local Marble Slab. 

The next morning we did a recovery run starting at Manor House to the fire tower. The rest of the afternoon was full of preparation for our lip sync performance that night.  That night teams performed a dance routine that they created. The theme of our lip sync this year was batman versus the joker.  Luckily our boys team agreed to be in the lip sync with us.  We found out the next day that our many practices paid off when we got our first place trophy.  The next morning we did a tough interval workout out at state farm where the ASU cross country team also trains. That evening we went to dinner downtown before heading to the camp dance.

At the camp dance coach Weaver announces the winner of each competition held earlier in the week and the teams get their trophies. On Thursday, a two-mile camp race was held to top off the week.  At state farm there is a giant 
hill that we hike up to the top of every year following the camp race. It is really nice to soak in the amazing view after such a hard week of running at camp.  



I’m Madyson Coggins and this year is my sixth year running for Dorman. I ran when I was in elementary in the little running club there and I’ve loved it ever since. My older sister got involved which was just another reason for me to start running. For the first couple of the years that I ran, I battled through many stress fractures but luckily I have been healthy and on varsity for the majority of my years. I have been able to accomplish a major goal of gaining a team state championship in 2010.
 This year my goals are to stay healthy, run well, and have an enjoyable senior year. I want to make sure as captain that this season goes well. and is really fun.

My name is Ashley Hrubala. I am also in my sixth year of running cross country for Dorman. Growing up I did a lot of kids triathlons and always loved the running part of it.  Coach (Jerry) Kimbrell heard that I competed and asked me to come out for cross country.  Cross country has been the best experience of my life.  Through cross country I have gotten to achieve my goals of being an all state runner, breaking 19 minutes, and being on a state championship team. This year my main goal is to finish my high school running career on a good note.  I want to have a really fun final season and be the best team captain I can be.  I have also always wanted to run in college so finding a school and team that suites me is something I really look forward to!

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