Ask the expert: The uniform rule explained

SCTCCCA President Eric Cummings explains the uniform rule and how it is handled with different types of weather. 

What is the uniform rule for cross country and track and field, especially when the weather changes?
Uniform rule for undergarments for varsity remain the same (must be single color and matching). Meet directors can make a decision on hats and gloves at the race. Hats and gloves do not have to match.

What issues have arisen in the past and how are they handled?
None really that I am aware of. As long a coaches know that varsity must be matching and single color.

How is this rule enforced?
Same as at any time. Team warning at check-in then DQ if not changed.

What challenges does this cause for a meet director?
Checking in teams with all their warm clothes on. Takes a little bit longer.

What happens if the runner or team is in violation?
If they were told to remove it at check-in it is a DQ. If they cross with one color and the second runner crosses with a different color, than the second runner is DQed.