Summer journal: First good run

June 16, 2007

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This has been a much better week for running in Barrow and this morning was my first really good run around the town.  The winds were light and the temperature in the 40’s.  

I headed in the direction of town, not sure where I would end up and how far I would go.  It was clear right away that I was feeling good and so I extended my previous running range…..took a left at Cakeater Rd. and then a right.  This brought me to the outskirts of Browerville, which is what some people call parts of Barrow because so many families here are named Brower.  

I continued through the neighborhood, zigzagging my way down one street and then another, and finally came out at the one grocery store in town.  From there I hung another right which took me back towards the Chukchi Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean.  One last right got me headed back towards BASC and where the run began.  I picked up the pace and finished back where I started, a 53 minute run, 20 minutes longer than my previous three runs here.  There is nothing better than a run like that.

It ended up being a busy day.  I went out to the field twice, once with a student from UTEP, Adrian.  He is mapping the entire area a using satellite GPS system.  I helped by taking picture of every power pole he positioned, 48 in all.  The second outing was to evaluate our sampling plots to see how far the ice had retreated.  It looks like we will start taking measurements on Monday or Tuesday.  Then it will be a 24 hour deal of taking measurements which we will do in three shifts.  

We didn’t get in from the second outing until 10 p.m.  After staying up for another hour, I was beat and headed for some good sleep.