Woodard sisters understand importance of team

Cross country is considered by some to have an individual aspect. For sisters Darby and Hannah Woodard they understand the individual aspect, but also experience the importance of team in the sport.

Starting today the sisters enter the school year in a new building.  

Hannah, starting her second year of running at Eastside High School this fall and Darby starting her first year on the Eagles cross country team this year, started running at Mitchell Road Christian Academy.

Hannah, in her third year of running, is a junior and Darby is a freshman - also her third year running.

"Darby and I are really great friends, so in some way it's just like having a very close friend on the team," said Hannah. "Of course it is different because your cross country friends don't live at your house 24/7."

The sisters both started to run in 2004 on Mitchell Road Christian Academy's first cross country team ever, Hannah mentioned.