The next step for Mann's Kelsey Heyward

What made you decide to commit to Louisville? 
You know when they say it feels right? It just felt right! I felt a connection with all of the coaches just as I do with my coaches now. The atmosphere at Louisville made me feel as if I was home, I felt welcomed, and it just reminded me of my atmosphere at home.

What were your other top choices?
Coastal Carolina and UNC Charlotte.

What do you hope to achieve in academics and athletics? 
I hope to achieve the perfect balance in academics and athletics, by working hard on and off the track. I hope to continue to improve my times in both the 100 hurdles and 400 hurdles.

What did you experience during each visit?
During each visit I got to experience the college life by staying with my host on campus, attending practices, meeting with academic advisors and talking to other student athletes who are majoring in biology. Oh, I can not forget all the good meals.

What would you recommend to others when choosing a college? 
For others taking visits trying to find out where they want to go I would recommend that they take their time with the whole process and not rush things. Be thankful for every opportunity they get. I would recommend that you right down what you are looking for in a school and after taking a visit think about what school met the requirements you are looking for and also keep in mind that the school you choose will be your home for the next four of years of your life.

What does it feel like to have the decision made?
I can not express enough about how it feels to have made my decision. It was a tough decision but I followed my heart. It feels good to know where I am going to school because I no longer have to stress about it. Now I can enjoy the rest of my senior year. It feels good knowing that all I have to do is keep up my grades, get out on the track do what I do, have fun, and create memories.

What do you hope to achieve this spring? 
In the spring I look forward to lowering my times in my 100 hurdles and 400 hurdles. I also hope to bring home another state championship title for my last go round with my Lady Patriots. 

Looking at your career at Mann, what will you remember the most? 
Throughout my career at Mann I will remember my high school track coach George Moss the most because if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't even be a hurdler nor the athlete I am today. I will definitely remember the time spent day in and day out to get me where I am now. I will remember all of my tears of happiness, tears from stressing over events and all the amazing state titles I was apart of.

What individuals in your life were involved in helping you make the decision? 
In making my decision my mom and dad were a major part of it. They were there with me faithfully through every visit.