Eric Powers' training journal: March 23-29

Submitted by Eric Powers

scrunners webmaster John Olson has asked me to keep a training journal during the upcoming track season to follow my progress.

Editor's note: Consult with your coach before following a training schedule. Powers has agreed to write a journal on his training as time permits during his 2009 outdoor season.

Monday, March 23
On Monday, I ran a six-mile training run. It was a hot and sunny day, and I ran mainly though wooded trails. I felt great and held a pretty quick pace. After the run I did some push ups for core strength.

Tuesday, March 24
Tuesday’s workout was a speed workout. We began by warming up about a mile around the school. The workout was six to eight 400 meters at around mile race pace with a 200 meter jog recovery. We finished with a mile cool-down. This workout felt good and helped to build strength for long races and meets with multiple races.

Wednesday, March 25
On Wednesday, we did a six-mile training run through forest trails. It was a cool and rainy day, and the run was easy and refreshing.

Thursday, March 26
Thursday’s run was another 6 mile easy run. It was a warmer day and I felt a little tired, maybe from the workout Tuesday. We made a few stops at the beginning of the run but ran consistently later on.

Friday, March 27
I did not run on Friday.

Saturday, March 28
We had planned on running at Coaches Classic on Saturday, but it was rained out. Instead, we met in the morning and ran a 10-mile long run. It was a warm but rainy day, and I felt good. We held a pretty fast pace and finished strong.

Sunday, March 29
On Sunday, I ran seven miles through neighborhoods. It was a hot and very windy day. I felt tired and sluggish despite a slower pace. I think that this was because I hadn’t eaten much over the weekend and so I didn’t recover completely from Saturday’s run.

This week started off well with a good speed workout and consistent mileage. It was kind of a downer that Coaches Classic was postponed, but nobody can control the weather. Not having a meet did allow me to get in a good long run, though. Next week should be tough, with a local Wednesday meet and the Father Kelly Classic at Bishop England on Saturday.