Daniel's Ally Wilson Talks Dream Mile Qualifier

What does it mean to be part of the adidas Relay Relays girls Dream Mile qualifier field? 
It means so much because I never thought that I would've been accepted into this race.

What do you hope to achieve Friday in Raleigh? 
I'm hoping to lower my mile and 1600 time and enjoy the experience.  

How are you preparing for Friday?
I have been resting because after the Foothills Track Classic, I had a slight inflammation in the arch of my left foot so I have been biking and icing it. I started back running on Tuesday and did a slight speed workout Wednesday to get my legs back into running hard.

How do you adjust to any form of race that may occur? 
I just try to stay calm leading up to the race and then let the nerves kick in the day of. I get nervous very easily so I just have to convince myself that I'm excited for the race and not nervous.

Have you been practicing for a specific kind of race?
Not really. I do the workouts my coach gives the team and I do the same workouts that the people who run the 3200 do.

How did you find out about the meet? 
My coach entered me. I had not heard of this race until my coach told me about it. I researched the race and have been wanting to be accepted ever since.  I did not think I had a chance.

How would you rate your season so far? 
I would give it an 8. I've only ran 3 good races this season but the slight injury pulled the ranking down a bit.

How was training after cross country season? 
It was pretty good. I have been putting in a lot of mileage and lot of endurance workouts.

What kind of goals do you have for the remaining part of the season?
I'm hoping to PR in all of my events and help lead my team to a state title this year.

Are you planning to focus on one event? Please explain. 
Not exactly. I am running more 1600s this early in the year than I normally have been because I enjoy it more than I did last year. I am going to still run the 800 as well because I know it helps keep my speed up.