Heathwood Hall's Maryah Nasir Striving for PRs

How would you rate your season so far? 
I rate the season a seven so far. Although, I have succeeded at recent races (Coaches Classic) I still want to improve on my time and make a PR in both the 1600m and 800m.

What do you hope to achieve this weekend at Bojangles Track & Field Classic in the 800 and mile? 
I hope to achieve a PR and place in the 1600m and 800m At Bojangles 

What does it mean to compete in the Bojangles Track & Field Classic as a national-caliber meet? 
It's a honor to be given the opportunity to compete at the Bojangles classic because the competition, not only include great athletes from South Carolina, but also those from other states.

How do you see each race unfolding? 
I see each race unfolding in that they will both be very competitive and challenging through the finish line. 

What will you prep be like the rest of this week? 
This week I'm going to continue on improving my running, staying hydrated, and making sure I eat the right nutrients for the meet this Saturday.

How do you handle meet day preparations?
My prep day includes: eating healthy, staying hydrated, and praying.