SCTCCCA Coaches Classic: Meet Management Notes

Notes provided by the SCTCCCA. Editor's note: Virtual meets and mid season recaps coming later today / tonight. 

Please be sure to arrive early to avoid any "first time" issues with the facility.  With the amount of space we have for parking, things should go smooth but remember this is our first go. 

There is a large concrete grandstand but no seats. Spectators should bring chairs to sit and watch the race and the awards presentation. 

Cars and buses are not permitted to use the facility entrances off of Knights Hill Road. Spectators will enter off of Springdale Drive and buses will enter off of Liberty Hill Road. There will be a lot of signs on the roads leading to the facility.

Athletes and spectators must stay out of the barn area on the property. This area is fenced off. Do not go over the fences to get into these areas.  

Packet pick up and chip return will be at the big green/white tent on the infield. 

Remember races are starting every 15 or 20 minutes, your athletes should be ready to line up within 5 minutes after the previous race starts.

 Course address:



The time schedule will be as follows:

International Boys

9:35 am

International Girls

9:50 am

Championship Boys

10:10 am

Championship Girls

10:25 am

JV Boys 10-12th Grade

10:45 am

JV Girls (All Grades)

11:00 am

JV Boys 7-9th Grade

11:35 am