Eastside's Fox Talks Goals for Last XC Race

Name: Jonathan Fox
Academic interest: Health Science and Calculus
Hobbies: Spikeball, Basketball, and QT runs
Random fact: I like koalas
Favorite place to train: Tuxedo, N.C.

What is your goal for your final state xc meet?
Win state as a team, personally top four and get close to my PR.

How have you looked at your senior season from summer training until now?
Enjoying the journey. It's my last season and I've just been enjoying hanging out with my teammates and doing my best in my last season.

What have been your goals this season? Please explain.

I wanted to break 15:30 this year and I was able to do that at Lake Murray. I also wanted to beat Noah White's PR so I've got one race left to make that happen. I've also wanted to get top four at state all season and I'm confident and excited about achieving that goal.

Have you encountered any challenges?
Honestly, I've had trouble staying motivated which I didn't think would be a problem. By my senior season, I've run a lot of races and sometimes it's hard to get excited about doing my best during every one so that's been a struggle this season. But I'm just so blessed by God to have this ability that he's given me and I'm focusing on that and enjoying this blessing I have as well as fighting for my teammates to get me motivated and excited.

What future running plans do you have?
I probably won't run in college because I'm going to focus on student ministry, studies, and friends but I definitely plan to keep running in my free time because I love this sport.

What you have learned from the sport?
I have learned that when you put your mind to something and decide that you are willing to do what it takes to be successful, you can not only achieve your goals but accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Tell us about qualifier, how did you think you performed and your team?
I'm satisfied with how I performed. My team did a quick tempo run to feel smooth and it raised my confidence level going to State.

What will you remember from your time at
I will remember and cherish so many memories. From getting up early over the summer to running in freezing cold weather with my teammates, I will remember it all. I have so many amazing friendships that simply would not have happened if I didn't run and it's been my favorite part of high school.

What kind of race strategy works best for you?
Start steady and hit my times. Then start to pick it up when it hurts and pass a lot of people. Be mentally and physically stronger at the end and kick with everything I've got. Passing people is mentally encouraging and I've used this strategy in pretty much every race I've run.

What would you like to say to younger runners?
Do your long runs. They work. The sooner you decide to go all in and give it your all no matter what, the sooner you will find yourself accomplishing what you never thought you could.

What would you like to say to your teammates, coaches and parents?
I am so thankful to everyone that has helped me along my running journey. My parents have always been so encouraging and supportive of me no matter what and that's such a blessing. My coaches care so much and I love Coach Henderson, Coach Cox, and Coach Boehmke for everything they do to help us succeed. And to my teammates: thanks for always being there through the highs and lows, the amazing races and the bad ones, and every bus ride. You're an amazing running family and although you all are great runners, you're even better people and I'm blessed to have been able to run and interact with every one of you.

Did you have a specific motivation for this season?
I wanted to win state as a team, I wanted to get a PR that I was happy with, and I wanted to pour into younger runners and form lasting relationships. No matter what happens at state, I'm happy with this season and this team.

How has your cross country helped you in other daily challenges?
Cross country has helped me by giving me a new perspective on daily challenges. Just like running, life has hills in the way and pain to overcome, but it also has people cheering you on and helping you through challenges as well as wonderful things to celebrate. When I look at life challenges I can think: what would I do if this were a race? And then I have peace that God will give me the strength to overcome daily challenges just like He does when I've got a great big hill in the way in a race. In that way, cross country has helped change my mindset and reminded me that God is there with me through it all, whether it be daily challenges or pain in running. I can't wait to celebrate at the finish line.