Tips from a Coach: Lexington Coach Talks Pandemic, Practice

Tanner Graham talks about the Lexington team and conditioning during the pandemic. Read what he has to say below. 

Tanner Graham - Lexington Track coach

What kind of conditioning are you doing with your track and field team at this point?
We will begin meeting next week. Each event group will be separated and go through Covid checks before practice.

What do you see it to be like in February and March? 
I feel like we will be able to make it through February ok, but things may begin to change as we get into March. Hopefully everything runs smoothly and on schedule and we are allowed to have tryouts in February and a "normal" meet season.

What challenges have you encountered? What are the rules your school and district requires?
We are only allowed to host a maximum of four schools at any home meets. This will be difficult when it gets later in the season.

Anything else that may help other teams navigating these difficult times?
Limiting the size of the teams this year may be crucial to running off a successful track season. We will not be able to have over 100 athletes on our team as we have in years passed.