Collegiate Cross Country Recap: Sept. 11

Lander University Invitational

At Lander University's 5K Invitational this past weekend, Anderson College's girls won the meet with 77 points. Scoring for Anderson was Jennifer Hitt (5), Ashley Smoak (9), Kacey Harold (10), Ashten Guffee (23), and Ashley Hughes (30). Lander came in a close second with 86 points. Scoring for Lander was Tiffany Fore (1), Ivana Petrovic (3), Margie Smith (17), Camden Jones (29), and Margaret Mobley (36). Third place went to North Greenville with 103 points. Scoring for North Greenville was Melissa Walker (2), Anna Jollie (16), Jessica Boisse (18), Carlisle Harding (27), and Angela Austin (31). Fourth Place went to Southern Wesleyan with 107 points. Fifth place went to Presbyterian with 123 points. Sixth place went Spartanburg Methodist with 136 points. Seventh Place went to USC Aiken with 166 points. Eighth place was Erskine with 176 points. Ninth place was Augusta State with 182 points. Tenth place was Toccoa Falls with 279 points, and taking 11th place was Newberry with 296 points.

Individually, Tiffany Fore of Lander won the meet with a time of 20:05. Following her was Melissa Walker of North Greenville with a time of 20:25, then Ivana Petrovic also of Lander with a time of 20:33.

1 26 Tiffany Fore Lander 20:05
2 51 Melissa Walker North Greenvill 20:25
3 29 Ivana Petrovic Lander 20:33
4 96 Marcie Milner USC Aiken 20:40
5 4 Jennifer Hitt Anderson 20:46
6 79 Cassie Rowland Spartanburg Met 20:53
7 21 Jessica Martin Erskine 21:16
8 54 Helen Fout Presbyterian 21:26
9 7 Ashley Smoak Anderson 21:28
10 3 Kacey Harold Anderson 21:50

On the men's side, running an 8K race, Spartanburg Methodist won the meet with 32 points. Scoring for them were David Vass (2), Eric Duncan (4), Tommy Hunt (5), Cayce Crews (10), and Eric Weathersbee (11). Second place went to Presbyterian with 59 points. Scoring for them were Matthew Elliott (3), Nate Price (9), Thad Palmer (12), Nicholas Williams (15), and Brandon Galloway (20). Coming in third place was Anderson with 69 points. Top five were Ethan Schaffner (1), Matt Atkinson (8), Patrick Burt (13), John Roddy (18), and Mike Allio (29). North Greenville got fourth with 95 points, Southern Wesleyan got fifth with 116 points, Erskine got sixth with 167 points and seventh place went to Toccoa Falls with 203 points.

Individually, Ethan Schaffner of Anderson won the race with a time 27:57. Following him were David Vass of Spartanburg Methodist with a time of 28:49 and Matthew Elliot of Presbyterian with a time of 29:03.

1 111 Ethan Schaffner Anderson 27:57
2 174 David Vass Spartanburg Met 28:48
3 144 Matthew Elliott Presbyterian 29:03
4 166 Eric Duncan Spartanburg Met 29:08
5 168 Tommy Hunt Spartanburg Met 29:21
6 141 Andrew Stephens North Greenvill 29:26
7 157 David Payne Southern Wesley 29:30
8 104 Matt Atkinson Anderson 29:38
9 149 Nate Price Presbyterian 29:40
10 165 Cayce Crews Spartanburg Met 29:52

SeaHawk Invite Girls

At the Seahawk Invitational this past weekend, High Point won with 49 points. Coastal Carolina was a close second with 54 points and College of Charleston was third with 76 points. Campbell University came in fourth place with 83 points, Winthrop came in fifth place with 115 points and UNC Wilmington was sixth with 128 points.

Individually, Jemissa Hess from High Point won the meet with a time of 18:32. Ashley Arnold was second from C of C with a time of 18:41 and Kim Nemeragut from Coastal was third with a time of 18:47.

1 Jemisssa Hess High Point 18:32
2 Ashley Arnold Charleston 18:41
3 Kim Nemeragut Coastal 18:47
4 Aubrey Berqquist Coastal 19:00
5 Jill Stapleton Campbell 19:06
6 Kyle Palmquist Charleston 19:14
7 Carrie Selmer Winthrop 19:23
8 Tara Dressler Campbell 19:26
9 Melissa Caudill High Point 19:42
10 Kala Robertson High Point 19:43

In the collegiate men's race, High Point again came in first with 23 points. Coastal Carolina followed with 77 points and Winthrop was third with 90 points. Following them were UNC Wilmington with 91 points, Campbell University with 115 points and College of Charleston with 138 points.

Individually, Terah Kipchiris of Coastal won the meet with a time of 15:14. Derek Nakluski was second with a 15:29 and David Freier was third with a 15:35, both of High Point.

1 Terah Kipchiris Coastal 15:14
2 Derek Nakluski High Point 15:29
3 David Freier High Point 15:35
4. Mike Earle Campbell 15:37
5 Matthias Ewender High Point 15:38
6 Bubba Hill High Point 15:40
7 Matt Goodale High Point 15:42
8 Taylor Milne Unattached X15:44
9 Kyle Lounsbury High Point 15:47
10 Trevor Beesley Winthrop 15:49

UNC Pembroke

The men's 8K was held at Luther Britt Park in Lumberton, North Carolina. Winning the meet was St. Andrews Presbyterian College with 46 points. Finishing second was St. Augustine's College with 72 point and finishing third was Wingate University with 81 points. Francis Marion was fourth with 84 points, Coker College was fifth with 100 points, UNC Pembroke was sixth with 133 points and Shaw University was seventh with 160 points.

Individually, Larry Marshall of St Augustine's won the meet with a time of 26:33.2. David Green from Coker placed second with a 27:17.1 and Israel James, also of St. Augustine's placed 3rd with a time of 27.26.1

On the women's side, finishing first was Wingate University with 53 points. Second place went to Francis Marion with 66 points, and third place went to St. Augustine's University with 90 points. Following them was UNC Pembroke in fourth with 93 points, St. Andrew's in fifth with 106 points, Shaw University in sixth with 111 points and Coker College in 7th with 161 points.

Individually, Kelly Chaplin of St. Andrew's won the race with a time of 19:50.3. Following her was Lindsay Boldt of Wingate with a 20:18.6 and following her in third was Codi Knoch of Francis Marion with a 20:31.1.