Updated letter from director


In the wake of COVID-19 safety regulations we have had to make some tough decisions with how we will be running the 2020 Mike Moore Lake Murray Invitational. With full transparency we want to ensure you all are aware of the guidelines for this year's event before committing. We understand that you may not fully agree with our guidelines or your school/district may have travel restrictions that would disallow you from competing this year. Therefore we will honor any team among the original 35 who would like to defer their entry to 2021. Please review all of the guidelines below, then complete the following form indicating you will attend or will not attend and want to have a deferred entry for 2021 no later than this Friday (8/14). Failure to complete the form by Friday will result in an automatic deferral to 2021. Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee your 2020 entry. Confirmations will be emailed out no later than this Sunday.

Number of Teams: After careful consideration and a lot of math we will be decreasing our race size from 35 to 25 teams. We have compiled a list of team entries by time of registration and will be using this to determine the 25 selected teams. If you are among the teams that are cut or choose not to participate this year we will guarantee your entry to 2021's event.

Number of Athlete Entries: In order to make numbers work to follow social distancing guidelines in the park we will also be limiting each team to a max of 28 athletes, 7 athletes per race (7 Boys Varsity, 7 Girls Varsity, 7 Boys JV, & 7 Girls JV). To prevent overloading any given race, we will not allow more than 7 entries from any school in a specific race. This means you cannot put 9 boys in the JV race and 5 in the varsity race.

Spectators: While considering mass gathering orders for the state we have decided that we will not allow spectators this year. By eliminating spectators we were allowed to keep both varsity and JV races as well as allowing us to keep a relatively larger number of teams entered. The only personnel allowed at the meets will be: coaching staff, athletes, meet volunteers, and LR5 athletic trainers. We are currently looking for creative ways to view this year's race. Stay tuned for more information.

Water: We will be asking each team to provide their own water. We will not have water cups at the finish line as we have had in years past. If a situation occurs where an athlete is in medical need of water, our athletic training staff will provide a disposable water bottle.

Other Regulations/Questions.

With decreased numbers, we will be dropping the Elite JV Boys race.

Team tent areas will follow a strict social distancing guideline and may be assigned specific zones to set up.

At this time we do not intend on using a wave start.

Athletes finishing will be directed away from the area in order to avoid contact with others still racing and those preparing to race.

In lieu of an awards ceremony, we will be having an awards tent set up for athletes/coaches to pick up their awards. Results will be posted/announced to teams prior to their departure.

Time Schedule

8:00am: Girls Varsity

8:45am: Boys Varsity

9:30am: Girls JV

10:15: Boys JV

We thank you for your continued support of our event. As you know from your own planning this year, decisions like these are not easy to make. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to any of our meet management team.

Thank you
The MMLMI Meet Management Team