Chick-Fil-A Games 2021

Taylors, SC
Hosted by Eastside
Timing/Results CKET Timing Company

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

PLEASE read all of the attached Meet Information document.  It has many changes from past Eastside Meets that you must be aware of and agree to follow before entering.  We can only allow 20 full schools to attend.  Please email me to see if there is room.  I will send a password to entered if accepted.  A time schedule will be attached soon.

Chick-fil-a Games Meet Information

Chick -fil-a Games Standards for Third Athlete

Chick-fil-a Games MEET RECORDS

Minimum standards and starting heights (we will mark one attempt and then none under these standards)

Girls Long Jump
(13-6)Girls High Jump (4-4)Girls Discus (65-0)
Boys Triple Jump (32-0)Boys Shot (35-0)Boys Pole Vault (8-06)
Boys High Jump (5-4) Boys Long Jump (16-6)Boys Discus (90-0)
Girls Triple Jump (28-0) Girls Shot (25-0) Girls Pole Vault (6-06)

The following contain COVID-19 protocols and regulations that you must read and pass along to your athletes and parents.  It also has a school map about where to park, gates to enter etc.  Click on each in your browser and use as you see fit to make sure that this information is distributed.

2) Google form to sign -up for a field event.  Please help us out and sign up to be a field event official.  We will be able to pay you a little to help us out.

4) Parent Letter  A pledge sheet that I would like for all to send home and get returned to make SURE all parents understand protocols.  This will help eliminate a lot of problems.