Wren Home Meet 4 2021

Piedmont, SC
Hosted by Wren

Meet Information

Wren High XC Meets 

Until changes are implemented by SCHSL.

Coaches must wear masks at all times (unless running to mile locations).

Runner guidelines this year: Runners must wear masks at all times unless running. This includes at the starting lines. Runners must wear their masks at the starting line, and can take their masks off when the starter says "set." At that time athletes can pull their buff/gaiters down to their neck, or place it/masks in their hand or on arm. These must be put back on their face once they cross the finish line and WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO FOR THE ATHLETE. Coaches ARE NOT to collect their masks and athletes must keep it on their person throughout the race.

What teams and how many can attend / states (can include limits of teams or runners per team): Maximum of 10 teams within S.C. Varsity and JV are allowed. Each division (V Girls, V Boys, JV Girls, JV Boys) will be split up into heats with a maximum of 5 teams in each heat. Varsity heats will be decided based on average varsity time, JV heats will be decided based on JV team size.

Course/ Venue rules: Social distancing

Awards and placement will be decided once the race has concluded and they will be sent out the following week.