Kick of The Week: Brendan McTigue Attacks The Last 100

At the Fight Like Wyatt cross country invitational in Piedmont, South Carolina, this weekend we saw a crazy kick to the finish between third-place finisher Brendan McTigue and fourth-place finisher Lucas Wall. Seconds later, another battle between fourth-place finisher Jake Crow and fifth-place finisher Drew Thomas went downKade Gosnellfrom Boiling Springs, South Carolina, took the overall win, followed by Lucas Conti of Hillcrest in second. 

Watch how the last 100 meters of the race unfolded above.

Runners in the video: 
3Brendan McTigue10 St. Josephs16:54.233
4Lucas Wall11 Wade Hampton16:54.674
5Jake Crow11 Mauldin16:56.345
6Drew Thomas12 Boiling Springs16:56.576

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