Stratford senior state champion Brittany Jefferson remains in induced coma

May 29 update: A feeding tube was inserted in Brittany Jefferson Wednesday, according to Colleen Mitchell. Mitchell said a tube was removed from Jefferson's right lung, but two remain in her left lung. Mitchell also told Jefferson's abdomen is closed and she remains in induced coma.

May 25 update: Brittany Jefferson's surgery Saturday to repair her pelvic bone went well, Limestone coach Kevin Vees said in an e-mail Sunday. Jefferson has returned to ICU and under drug-induced coma, Vees told

"I got a text stating that Brittany is doing okay but has a high fever," Vees said. "The surgery went well to repair her pelvic bone. She is back in her ICU room under a drug-induced coma. "

May 24 update: Stratford senior Brittany Jefferson underwent surgery Saturday to repair her pelvic. The surgery was scheduled to take four hours, according to Colleen Mitchell.More details are not available at this time. Update: Mother asks for any type blood donors to donate to Red Cross under daughter's name.

Other note: Limestone College coach Kevin Vees informed Friday, while he was attending the Tennessee state meet, that the school is working to coordinate a blood drive or drive to a location to donate blood. Vees mentioned around 40 plan to give blood. talked with Jefferson's mother, Melanie on Thursday. More details coming from the interview this weekend.