Interview: Richland Northeast Alumnus Charles Proctor

Name: Charles Proctor
Academic Interest: Undecided
Date of Birth: February 5, 1986
Hobbies: Track and hanging out
Sister: Sherrita Wash
School: Richland Northeast Cavalier
College: Will attend Coastal Carolina
Personal records: 100m (10.5)
200m (21.70)
400m (48.6)
LJ (22.6)
Charles Proctor recently graduated from Richland Northeast High School. The former Cavalier will attend Coastal Carolina in the fall. Proctor\'s achievements include winning the 1998 AAU National 400m 12 and under division, a win in the AAU National 100m 14 and under group in 2000, runner up in the 100m at the European Championship in 2001, 200m champion at the European Division I Championship in 2002 and most recently 2004 South Carolina State Champion in the 100m.

scrunners: Where do you train?
proctor: I train at Richland Northeast High School.

scrunners: How long have you been running?
proctor: I have been running for eight years.

scrunners: What gave you the idea to start running?
proctor: Knowing that my family had a history of running track and I wanted to be a part of it. And also just having little fun with neighborhood races when I was younger.

scrunners: When did you start to compete in the sport of track and field?
proctor: I started (to run) in 1997.

scrunners: What or whom gave you the idea to actually start competing in track and field?
proctor: My dad gave me the idea.

scrunners: Who else in your family runs? Did your parents run in high school or college and do they currently run?
proctor: Yes, both of my parents ran in high school and my father ran for the University of Maryland.

scrunners: What year are you graduating, or have you already graduated?
proctor: I just graduated this year.

scrunners: What made you decide to attend Coastal Carolina? What other colleges did you look into attending? What did you do on your college visits and what did you ask the host and coach at each college?
proctor: I decided to go with Coastal because I just felt comfortable there. And I really got along with the coach and athletes. I only looked at two other colleges which were Clemson and USC. On my visits I spent time with the coach and athletes of course. But I also got time to be with some of the academic advisors and just to see what the campus life was really like. On my visits I asked about which majors they had to offer, what was the student to staff ratio in the class, how long were the classes, how the facilities were, and my last question always was who else were they bringing in besides me.

scrunners: Do you plan on running there?
proctor: Yes.

scrunners: What are you favorite events?
proctor: The 100m and the 4x100m.

scrunners: Who has influenced you in your life?
proctor: My parents and the great Jesse Owens.

scrunners: How and where do you train?
proctor: It all depends on the time. During the indoor season I trained in a gym with a little track in side of it. And when it was time for the outdoor season I was at Richland Northeast. Workout wise it all depends on what we want to do in the meet ahead.

scrunners: What kind of surface do you prefer to train on?
proctor: A rubberized surface.

scrunners: Do you have any favorite training techniques or place to run?
proctor: Well, I don\'t have any favorite training techniques although I cannot stand doing 500\'s, but I like to run at Spring Valley and the University of Tennessee\'s outdoor track.

scrunners: What is the most prestigious meet that you have competed in?
proctor: The 2000 AAU junior Olympics in Orlando, Fla.

scrunners: How did you do and what do you remember the most from the meet?
proctor: I won the 100m, came in fourth in the 200m and came in eighth for the long jump. The fun and the joy I had from winning is the one thing I remember.

scrunners: How do you prepare for a meet?
proctor: I do my regular running during the week but make sure I get the proper rest.

scrunners: Do you become nervous?
proctor: I don\'t really get too nervous, but I was nervous before just about every 200m this year.

scrunners: Have you been injured and became discouraged? How do you try to stay motivated throughout these times? What kind of cross training do you do during the off season and when injured? Have you seen any benefit from the cross training?
proctor: I\'ve been injured three times within these past eight years. And in all three I\'ve become greatly discouraged because all my injuries have happened at a big meet (1999 AAU regional, 2002 European championships, and 2003 Coaches Classic) and has kept me from being able to compete at the championships. It\'s very hard to stay motivated because your seeing your peers run and you want to be out there but just the thought of the next season kept me going. During the off season I run lots of miles and lift weights and when I\'m injured I just try to rebuild the best way possible. The cross training helps with your endurance, but for a sprinter you really can\'t tell because we don\'t run for that long.

scrunners: How was the state meet? Where you satisfied with how you did?
proctor: The state meet was great. I finally did what I was telling people I was going to do since the eighth grade and that\'s win the 100m. I was definitely satisfied I just wish I would have gotten a better time, but other than that I was happy even with the 200m also.

scrunners: If you could, what would you go back and do differently?
proctor: Nothing at all.

scrunners: Do you participate in any other sports or activities?
proctor: Yes, I played football.

scrunners: Do you plan on running any meets this summer?
proctor: No.

scrunners: What kind of goals are you setting for the future and this season?
proctor: Well, for the next season I hope to run 10.4 (100), but If I go under that would be a good thing to. In the 200m I hope to go 21 low. But, look out for me in the 2008 trials.