In Her Words: Logan Morris Jolly Talks Making the Finals

Logan Morris Jolly shared a message Tuesday night - two days before the steeplechase finals - of the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials. Read her message.

"q" - in short...I made the Final by 0.01s!
The story behind 9:33.91...
My goal going into the Prelim was to finish top 5 and secure an automatic spot in the Final. I did not want to wait 15 minutes for the next heat to finish to see if I would advance based on my time. That's a nerve racking situation to say the least. Well, as has been true most of this season, God had other plans to remind me the outcome is ultimately His.

Oddly enough, as I sat in the recovery tent awaiting my fate, I was truly at peace. I knew I crossed the finish line yesterday giving everything I had in me. I had truly given my best effort, and at this point, the outcome was in God's hands. What a freeing feeling!

As the results populated, and I saw I had in fact made the final by 0.01s, I teared up knowing it was all God. I'm here to be faithful with the gifts He has given me. The results, outcome, and my journey through this sport are in His hands.

All I needed was a spot on the starting line, and that the Lord has so graciously given me. So here we go! In victory and defeat, God is good and He will get all the glory. #2GBG