S.C. Track and Field Finishes Strong in Nationals Weekend

Take a look at our quick recap and coverage from the March 11 weekend, with several top performances in New York and Massachusetts.

New Balance Nationals Indoor

The TRACK at New Balance Boston, MA
Mar 9, 2023 Mar 12, 2023
2,497 Total Performances (7 SC)

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Elite Performances

Girls (2)
400mp 10 27th57.06Dania StaleyRidge View
800mF 1 36th2:15.07Jais WardBen Lippen
Boys (2)

S - Colin Clayton - River Bluff 58-10.75 - Seventh 
60mp 2 7th7.01Zion AgnewRidge View
SMRF 3 24th3:35.73Ridge View
Armory Track New York, NY
Mar 10, 2023 Mar 12, 2023
3,688 Total Performances (48 SC)

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Elite Performances

Girls (18)
55mF 1 3rd6.97Sharmelle HolmesDreamchaserz
55mF 3 1st7.12Tresta MillerGray Collegiate
60mF 1 5th7.55Sharmelle HolmesDreamchaserz
60mp 1 6th7.51Sharmelle HolmesDreamchaserz
60mp 3 2nd7.67Tresta MillerGray Collegiate
60ms 1 7th7.53Sharmelle HolmesDreamchaserz
60ms 1 9th7.80Tresta MillerGray Collegiate
400mF 4 13th58.99Brianna RodriguezDreamchaserz
400mp 1 6th55.91Janiah PulliamUnattached-SC
55HF 1 2nd7.89Aaliyah BerrySpring Valley
55HF 3 15th8.31Brianna RodriguezDreamchaserz
60HF 1 2nd8.48Aaliyah BerrySpring Valley
60Hp 2 3rd8.63Aaliyah BerrySpring Valley
60Hp 5 16th8.99Brianna RodriguezDreamchaserz
60Hs 3 3rd8.66Aaliyah BerrySpring Valley
60Hs 3 15th8.94Brianna RodriguezDreamchaserz
4x200mF 2 26th1:49.05Team Flash TC
PentF 1 10th46:56.00Kennedy WrightByrnes
Boys (13)
55mF 1 1st6.21Carlmelo MartinCarolina Rockets
60mF 1 1st6.65Carlmelo MartinCarolina Rockets
60mp 1 1st6.75Carlmelo MartinCarolina Rockets
60ms 3 1st6.69Carlmelo MartinCarolina Rockets
200mF 2 3rd22.22Caleb WatlingtonUnattached-SC
200mp 12 3rd22.21Caleb WatlingtonUnattached-SC
400mF 5 2nd49.86Caleb WatlingtonUnattached-SC
800mF 2 3rd1:56.81Miller BrannenUnattached-SC
1500mF 2 1st3:55.48Knox YoungUnattached-SC
1500mF 1 4th3:57.49Jake WadasWade Hampton
MileF 2 1st4:11.49Knox YoungUnattached-SC
MileF 1 7th4:14.77Jake WadasWade Hampton
2MileF 2 3rd9:07.63Knox YoungUnattached-SC

Redhawk Invitational

Elite Performances             


9 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

1600 Meter Run Finals5:11.47Abigail WhiteChapin
Long Jump Finals18-2.5Ticora GaskinWestwood
Pole Vault Finals10-6Drayton PrivetteChapin
110 Meter Hurdles Finals14.69Omari BennettHammond School
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:40.69Relay TeamWestwood
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:41.93Relay TeamDreher
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:38.23Relay TeamStratford
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:38.76Relay TeamAiken
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:39.38Relay TeamDreher

Azalea/Zaxby's Invite 

Elite Performances                                 


17 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

1600 Meter Run Finals5:09.67Gia LeoneWaccamaw
3200 Meter Run Finals11:08.57Gia LeoneWaccamaw
Javelin Finals122-6Makayla ChislomColleton County
Javelin Finals135-2Brett JonesPorter Gaud
Pole Vault Finals10-6Cierra CasebierCane Bay
Pole Vault Finals11-0Livy DoddLucy Beckham
Pole Vault Finals11-6Nicola VisserLucy Beckham
Pole Vault Finals12-0Madison JentPhilip Simmons
Pole Vault Finals12-0Hannah TogamiWando
400 Meter Hurdles Finals54.91Josue Richardson SalazarStall
Discus Finals150-0Troy CoccoWando
Discus Finals164-0David ThilenWando
High Jump Finals6-10Malique MiddletonWoodland
Javelin Finals192-0Troy CoccoWando
Long Jump Finals23-0.5Marquez SpellsSummerville
Pole Vault Finals14-6Jackson MilletAcademic Magnet
Pole Vault Finals16-4.75Matthew PhillipsAshley Ridge

Eastside High School Taylors, SC
Mar 11, 2023
1,559 Total Performances

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Elite Performances

Girls (13)
400mF 1 1st57.82Jalasia LewisGreer
1600mF 1 1st5:13.54Sofie KurzawaJ.L. Mann
1600mF 1 2nd5:14.42Ava LindseyGreenville Hurricanes
5000mF 1 1st18:11.93Kennedy RoushJ.L. Mann
HJF 1 1st