Gene Mullin Invitational 2012

Greenville, SC


Journal: Hayley Lyons 'remember to pace and be positive' Oct 8, 2012

This week is a step-back week in my training, and it’s coming at the perfect time.  Not only have I been icing my knee all weekend, I think my mind needs a little rest from the long run before I up the mileage next week.

Journal: Hayley Lyons 'Just running because I love to run' Oct 2, 2012

Intro:  Last night, after I submitted my journal for Week 5, I was on my laptop, when I kept coming across a race called the Ramblin’ Rose half-marathon in Charlotte, N.C., which isn’t too far from me.  I thought about it for all of five seconds before registering.  I’m already registered for two more half-marathons before the full, but the first isn’t until October—forever away!  Despite the fact that I had to pay late registration (yikes), it seemed like the perfect way to get my mileage in and experience race day at the same time.