Mt. Pleasant Track Club Javelin Invitational 2021

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Meet Information

Registration:  Conducted through

Format: All athletes will receive four preliminary attempts and two final attempts. Athletes will use a 300g turbo javelin on the first attempt, a 450g aero javelin on the second attempt, a 600g javelin on the third attempt, and an 800g javelin on the fourth attempt. In the two final attempts, athletes will elect which implement to use. Final standings will be determined by the total distance of each athletes furthest throws with each implement.

Entry Limits
: All entries meeting the Entry Standard (outlined below) will be accepted. In competitions with less than 10 entries meeting the Entry Standard, additional entries will be accepted until a total of 10 has been reached. In that case, preference will be given to higher seeded non-qualified entries. Seed marks will be verified.

: Javelins will be provided, though athletes may elect to supply their own (subject to inspection).

: The competition will be governed by USATF competition rules, where not otherwise stipulated above.

: Athletes should be prepared to check in immediately upon conclusion of the previous age groups competition.

Tentative Schedule:


Contact Meet Director Michael Flournoy at for more information.