Greer girls track placed on probation

By Bob Castello
The Greenville News staff writer

Greer High's girls track team has been placed on probation because of the use of a sixth-grader, effectively ending the Yellow Jackets' season.

"By (South Carolina) High School League standards, sixth-graders are not permitted to participate on any middle school or high school team," Greer principal Marion Waters said. "The young lady was entered into two events at two track meets, and as such, we were in violation of the High School League standard."

The probation includes a fine and a ban on any postseason competition, which means Greer's team would not be eligible to participate in either the Class AAA state qualifying meet on Saturday or the state meet May 4-5.

Waters said the school reported the violation to the High School League this week when it was brought to his attention. He said the team's coach, Paul Masse, has resigned.



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  • jfyoung / 8 Years Ago
    I understand that rules are rules, but it doesn't appear coach was trying to obtain an unfair advantage. He should not have been forced to resign. The probation was and is enough. I hope he remains X-c coach. Stay strong and learn from this coach.
  • byrnestrackmom / 8 Years Ago
    I hate what happened, but I wish the best for Coach Masse and hope he able to work with the cross country team next year. I know he has helped train the cross country and track team to be team players and you can't take that away from him. good luck coach
  • throwsmom / 8 Years Ago
    I was wondering why when Greer was placed on probation it was posted on the home page on this site, but when Carolina Forest was put on probation there was no mention of it,the girls are upset over the lose of not being able to compete, but i know some still check the results and the first thing they see is their coach posted on the site like a criminal on a most wanted list. Yes he made a mistake but i'm sure we all have somewhere in our life that we regret. I know Coach Masse regrets it. I hope this web-site could have some compassion for both the coach and the girls from Greer and remove the picture from the article at the least.
  • LiveTrack / 8 Years Ago
    It is regrettable if he did not know the athlete was underage, however he should have realized it when he checked her paperwork. That is beside the point though, this site should not be blamed for reporting track and field news. This site rightfully placed that information on their homepage, and the site managers did not do it to smite anyone.
  • Sub16 / 8 Years Ago
    This site is pretty much the media outlet for running in the state of SC. Reporting on this incident is just the same as the Greenville News reporting on the incident (and if I am not mistaken the Greenville News did report on this issue). There are plenty of events in this country that end up getting media attention.. all be it Newspaper, Evening News, or Online Media source such as this... so the real question is.. should all media outlets not report it when someoneone does something wrong just because they may see it and not enjoy seeing it? This is why we have freedom of the press.. what was printed was not slander it was just reporting the news just like any other media source would. I understand how people would feel in this situation and I feel bad for those girls who got their season cut short because they really had nothing to do with it. They may or may not have known that this runner was a 6th grader, but they are obviously put in a hard situation when their coach who is suposed to be their leader puts them in that situation.
  • OnceARunnr / 8 Years Ago
    How many coaches have done the exact same thing as Coach Masse?
    Plenty, and honestly, that includes me. I've had sixth-graders, home-schooled kids and even a football player run in meets.
    No, they've never worn a team singlet or been scored, but there can't be anything wrong with allowing kids to participate in a healthy activity.
    Paul is less to blame here than the overreaction by the Greer High principal, Marion Waters. His actions are the real crime in this situation.
  • chstigers / 8 Years Ago
    It's a shame that the actual runners were punished. They had some runners who were sure to do well at the state meet (ex. Stacia Streetman.) The runners could do nothing about what the coaches did so it is a shame they were punished. It is especially sad for the senior runners who wanted to go out with a good year.