Summer Training Log (Week One-June 14-20): Stephanie Buffo

Monday, June 14: 5.5 miles (Recovery). Practice was at 7 p.m. today so I had to eat and drink water at appropriate times.
Total miles: 5.5

Tuesday, June 15: 7 miles (Recovery). I ran in the morning and not with the team today at 7 p.m.
Total miles: 7

Wednesday, June 16: 6.3 miles (Tempo). I ran harder today with the team at 7pm for about three miles, kind of picking it up until I felt like I was pushing myself and stayed at that pace.
Total miles: 6.3

Thursday, June 17: 5 miles (Recovery). I ran easier today to recover from yesterday\'s run in mid-day. Not with team today.
Total miles: 5

Friday, June 18: 4.75 miles (Recovery). I still kept it easy today but practices started back to the usual time 7:30 a.m.
Total miles: 4.75

Saturday, June 19: 5 miles (Recovery). I ran at home today in mid-day and felt good at a good pace.
Total miles: 5

Sunday, June 20: 4.5 miles (Recovery). I ran at home today at an easy pace to get some more miles in.
Total miles: 7

Total Miles for the week of June 14-June 20:: 38

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