Mike Moore Shrine Bowl Run Interview: Lanie Jo Knight

Name: Lanie Jo Knight
Hobbies: Art, running, swimming , and hanging out with my friends
Academic interest: Sciences
Personal bests: 5K-18:23, 1600-5:27, 

What does it mean to be named to the Shrine Bowl Run team and helping the hospital?
It means to me so much. I didn't have the best state meet so I was not expecting to make it one the Shrine Bowl Run team but receiving the email that I did was so exciting for me and I can't wait to experience it.

What did you hear about the
Mike Moore Shrine Bowl Run before this year? 
Before this year I heard the Shrine Bowl Run was for the best senior runners in the state. I also heard that it was a huge honor to be a part of this.

What do you hope to experience during the event?
I hope to have a lot of fun and enjoy the company of other amazing runners and people in general.

How are you preparing to run with a football?
I ran with a football one time. It was interesting I am just hoping for the best.

How would you rate your senior season?
I would say 7 out of 10 even though it was not my best running season I had so much fun and I would not have given it up for anything.

What future goals do you have?
To be the best runner I can be and have fun.

Have you made the decision to compete at the next level? Please explain.
I have made my decision that I am running cross country and track at James Madison University. 

How did you get involved with the sport and when?
I got involved with cross country because I was a big time club year around swimmer and my dad told me running would help me a lot and I was I willing to do anything to make me a better swimmer and I ended up loving the atmosphere and the sport.

Do you have any relation or know someone that has attended the Shriners Hospital?
No, I don't.

How have you seen the sport change in the state? Please explain.
I have not really seen the sport change in a particular way. I still see teams having a blast and competing as hard as they can.

What was your motivation for your
final XC season? 
My motivation was wanting to continue running in at the next level. I had to keep reminding myself that when I would get to a breaking point.

If there is one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why?
If there was one thing in the world I could do it would be give kids who don't have a thanksgiving meal a thanksgiving meal. I would do this because thanksgiving means a lot to me so I cannot imagine not having one and not having a family to share it with.