Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic Track and Field REGION 7 2022

Seabrook, SC
Hosted by SCTCCCA

Meet Information

Meet information by region - links may have information updated


T-Shirt Sales:

1.) Each host school will serve as the individual site director, and will be in charge of securing and paying timers, officials, security, and whatever else needs to be done. The host school will get to keep all gate money, and all concession money.

2.) Host schools are responsible for setting up and policing whatever COVID protocol is required by their district. Liability will fall under the same rules as if it was the host school's own meet.

3.) The SCTCCCA will collect entry fees and manage entries for all 7 Regional Meets. Schools should not be allowed to compete if they are not entered, and entries will be deleted if schools have not paid by the entry deadline.
4.) We are working on an online store for T-Shirts due to the multiple sites. The SCTCCCA will receive a percentage of the t-shirt money.
5.) Each school is allowed 2 athletes per event unless they have a 3rd athlete who meets the entry standard.
6.) As with all Coaches Classic meets, each team is expected to provide a coach to work an event, this will be organized by the host school.
7.) After collecting entries, the SCTCCCA will seed races and send the seeded HyTek file to each host school location director.
8.) Entry fees should be sent to the SCTCCCA Treasurer (Ethan Cox) at Eastside High School. They should be received by the entry deadline. Please do not accept any checks at the host school.